Yom Rivii, 4 Tammuz 5777

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by Sharon Golden


I would like to share my journey of discovering I had cancer to being a survivor and what I have gained.  Music and creative writing has always been a strong outlet for me to convey my feelings of pain, disappointment as well as joy.  I will be including excerpts of song that were an important part of my healing and finding faith in this difficult situation. Continue...




by Maya Waldstreicher


In 2011 I found out that my cousins would be moving back to Hong Kong after living in the USA for two years. I had visited Hong Kong twice, and it was a place that I had always dreamed of living. I loved how diverse the international community was, and how big the city was (mind you, it is still growing, literally. The harbour between Kowloon side and Hong Kong Island is likely to disappear soon considering all of the expansion that has taken place.) Hong Kong is the last place that I expected to be taught four times a week by modern orthodox teachers as well as being immersed in a very orthodox environment. This past year I was given the pleasure of attending Elsa High School as well as going to Israel on a school trip. These two things are something that I could never have imagined doing especially as a 15 year old from Denver. Not only have I significantly grown as an individual, but spiritually, I have been exposed to many aspects of Judaism that I believe will help shape my Jewish future as a young adult. Continue...



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