Yom Rivii, 4 Tammuz 5777

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Gerson's Gleanings

A Much-Needed House Call

on Friday, 21 November 2014. Posted in Gerson's Gleanings

That night the Lord appeared to him and said, “I am the God of your father Abraham.  Fear not, for I am with you, and I will bless you and increase your offspring for the sake of My servant Abraham.” (26:24)

The commentary of the Etz Hayim Humash ponders, “Why does God appear to Isaac now?”

How many of us pose the questions of “Why me? … Why now?”  In doing so, we struggle with fitting together the many pieces of our lives.  We seek to answer such questions as:

  • Could I have been more proactive with creating a reputation?
  • Should I have married at a younger age?
  • Did I set goals for myself that are realistic?

As  none of us has a crystal ball, we rely upon the forces within our environment to affirm or negate our choices.  We read into the seeming coincidences, ultimately to discover that individuals own their respective life journeys, and must seize the opportunity to make changes for the sake of growth.

Not so, Isaac.  He was the son of our national founders, who were tough acts to follow. He sensed that, while Abraham and Sarah, were movers, he was more of a settler; as Mom and Dad were hosts to throngs, the action at home was not so fast-paced on his watch.  This, no doubt, prompted questions from within about his own legacy.  Would his “major moment” be nothing more than the Akedah ordeal, in which he played the object?

Ultimately, we see, God assures Isaac that there is still meaning and purpose in his life; while cynicism and resignation are real threats, God appears to reinforce Isaac's credentials, which compel him to recognize his spot in the covenant's big picture.

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