Yom Rivii, 4 Tammuz 5777

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A community for families, a foundation for learning.



Rodef Mission Statement

Rodef Shalom Early Childhood Education Center was established and licensed by the State of Colorado in 2001. We are dedicated to providing a safe, nurturing, and respectful environment with an emphasis on whole child development: social, emotional, physical, and cognitive. Through themes and long-term projects, each child is given the opportunity to thrive, grow, and have fun while developing curiosity and a love for learning. Our school and classes are small in order to ensure opti­mal learning experiences for each child. Rodef Shalom participates in the Denver Preschool Program, is Qualistar rated, and is committed to providing a high quality early childhood program so that each child may develop into his or her fullest potential.

Vision Statement

One of our primary goals at Rodef Shalom Preschool is to meet the diverse needs of each child by paying close attention to their developmental level. We believe the children are unique individuals who learn and develop at their own pace. By immersing them in a relaxed, loving environment, rich in opportunity for discovery, play and exploration, we are able to foster the growth and competence of the whole child.

We use positive methods of classroom management and establish appropriate limits to enable each child to understand and respect others. Our goal is to nurture the children's social development to help them participate constructively in peer relationships and to teach the language of cooperation, negotiation and compromise.

Another important goal of Rodef Shalom Preschool is to guide children toward an awareness of who they are as individuals, as Jews, and as members of the larger community in which they live. Judaic programming is an important part of our curriculum, which helps the children develop an awareness of their heritage and establish the building blocks of Jewish identity. We promote Jewish culture by participating in life experiences such as weekly celebrations of Shabbat, Jewish holidays, brachot/blessings, Tzedakah and values. We are also very committed to respecting and validating the religious and cultural background of each child and family.

Parents are the primary teachers of their children and we at Rodef Shalom are here to forge a partnership with parents to enhance and expand the foundations that they have laid in their homes. We encourage you to participate in classroom activities as volunteers, room parents and drivers for field trips. Your help with special events and fundraising would be greatly appreciated. Your ideas and suggestions are valued and carefully considered.  We want to build a caring community of learners and explorers with you and your children

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