Yom Rivii, 4 Tammuz 5777

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2016/17 Congregation Rodef Shalom Committees and Groups

Annual Dinner: Chair: TBD
Purpose: Formed annually to put on the Annual Dinner

BDOC (Board Development and Oversight Committee) - Chair: Aaron Linkow
BDOC A: Mark Eagle, and Gerald Falchook
BDOC B: Lauren Ross, Mira Zevin, Andrew Brock, and Mark Eagle
Purpose: BDOC A provides counsel and guidance to Rodef Executive staff and clergy. BDOC B is the board nominating committee.

Bingo Volunteers - Board Liaison: Leslie Tjarks
Managers: Marc Schtul, Patsy Bagully
Purpose: Participate in the largest fundraiser Rodef partakes in.

Building Committee - Chair: Marty Zimmerman
Arnie Tinter, Ernie Groman, Aaron Linkow, Jason Steele, Chad Asarch and Joy Davis
Purpose: To determine the best approach to planning the future of the school building

Chesed Committee – Chairs: Ilana Steinberg and Sandra Cohen
Purpose: To provide care and support for Rodef members in need

Education Committee – Overall Chair: Laurie Segall
Ellie Woodward, Allan Kantrowitz, Ali Hill, Noa Goodman, Carolyn Shulman, Julie Milliken, Bethany Friedlander, rep from Finance Committee (to be determined)
Purpose: To coordinate and manage the educational offerings at Rodef Shalom.

Endowment Committee – Chair: Steve Zimmerman
Purpose: Oversee the congregations Endowment Fund. This falls under the auspices of the finance committee.

Finance Committee – Chair: Elaine Tinter
Steve Zimmerman, Mark Eagle, Les Davidson, Mark Schor, Jeff Ginsberg, David Lechner, and Leslie Tjarks
Purpose: Responsible for the finances of the congregation, including budget development and monitoring, review of monthly financials, develop strategies to manage debt.

Fundraising – Chair: TBD
Purpose: To coordinate the non-bingo and non-annual event fundraising efforts for the synagogue

Greeters – Head Greeter: Ellie Woodward
Honor distributor: Sherrie Davidson
Purpose: To serve as ushers on Shabbat mornings meeting people and welcoming them to Rodef.

Kitchen Committee – Chair: Michele Campbell
Joe Defez, Ileene Green, Maya Mintzer
Purpose: Find ways to open the kitchen to use by congregants and improve kiddushim.

Marketing Committee: David Pelcyger
Jason Hill, Julie Milliken
Purpose: Develop materials and approaches to attract new members to Rodef Shalom

Membership – Chair: Judy Fishman
Fran Cohen, Maya Mintzner, Meredith Levy
Purpose: Develop programs and processes to welcome new members and support/keep existing members.

Ritual Committee – Chair: Allan Kantrowitz
Mira Zevin, Sherrie Davidson, Tamara Parker, Dina Pierce, Ellie Woodward, Phil Bush, Alan Katz, Larry Jacobs, Barr Forman, Joe Defez, Mark Abzug, Paul Bogan, David Ross, Gerald Falchook 
Purpose: Manage the ritual observances of the synagogue

Rodef Music Underground – Chair: Joel Friedlander
Carolyn Shulman, David Ross
Purpose: Create a series of house concerts to engage, and connect with Rodef and community members through music.

Rodfei Tzedek (Social Action) - Chair: Rabbi Gerson
Ilana Steinberg, Donna Brown, Evelyn Hutt, Ellie Woodward, Ali Hill, Saadia Behar, Tania Orzynski, Karen Loeb
Purpose: Make manifest Rodef’s involvement in social action projects and social justice through community organizing in partnership with Together Colordo.

Shir Rodef – Coordinator: Cantor Saul
Shoshana Adler, Judy Fishman, Birdie Becker, Marilyn Bogan, Claude Brachfeld, Joe Brachfeld, David Cher, Ben Cohen, David Dezen, Jan Castle-Ferrada, Debbie Ginsberg, Larry Jacobs, Elliot Magalnick, David Ross, Leslie Tjarks, Ellie Woodward, Michael Zeff, Barbara Zimmerman, Mark ZirinskyPurpose: To provide musical inspiration for services.

Sisterhood – President: Sherry Goodman Feingold
Valerie Knowles
Purpose: To engage women in educational, social, programming, and leadership development in support of Rodef Shalom.

Torah Readers – Coordinator: Terri Steiner
Gabbai’m: Mira Zevin and Terri Steiner Purpose: Implement the weekly Torah Reading through assignment of volunteer readers and gabbai’im

Website Development - Chair: Michele Campbell
Steve Kessler, Eli Gurock, James McKeon
Purpose: Redesign of the Rodef Website

Young Families Programming – Chairs: Joel Friedlander and Meredith Levy
Ali Hill, Carolyn Shulman, Maya Mintzner
Purpose: To engage young families social and programmatically.


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