Yom Rivii, 4 Tammuz 5777

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The Kosher Express (found at sells the highest quality OU certified meat directly to consumers nationwide. With it's philanthropic program called the Tzedek Express, a portion of member's sales will be donated directly to Rodef Shalom, when entering the following promotional code upon purchase: RDF01. Members simply register with the site, enter the promo code, and all purchases are then linked to our affiliate account. On the first order, members receive an exclusive 15% discount. On the second order, 10% of the purchase amount is donated directly to Congregation Rodef Shalom. Going forward, a portion of every order is donated. All products are shipped frozen, in a Styrofoam container, under dry ice to ensure that they remain frozen while shipping. If you have any questions, please email The Kosher Express at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Do You Shop on Amazon?

Did you know you can really help Rodef Shalom by shopping as you normally do? Just go to: and choose Congregation Rodef Shalom as your preferred charity. Then, each time you shop, just go to that site and you will donate 5% of your purchase to Rodef Shalom! Easy, peasy! Thank you!

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Please purchase a $5 KS card. For every $200 you spend, Rodef Shalom makes $10. Call Michele Campbell in the Rodef Shalom office, (303) 399-0035 with any questions or to buy your card.





uscj small_squareAs a member of an affiliate congregation of United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, we're very excited to earn money for our synagogue when you participate in one of the following:

    • Plant Trees in Israel in honor of friends or loved ones.
    • Make a donation to any of JNF's many projects in Israel.
    • Purchase anything from the JNF store.

All orders and donations must originate from the JNF/United Synagogue button on our synagogue's website to be credited to this program. You can also call 1-800-542-TREE (8733) and mention your congregation.

Shabbat Times

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